Ten Easy Ways to Maintain Your Gel Nail Polish Manicure

Everyone loves to have flawless nail manicures. Gel polish allows you the luxury to have a high-quality manicure that can last comfortably for three to four weeks. Besides, gel polish is available in a fantastic range of colors. Finally, you have the best brands like LDS gel nail polish available online. While having an excellent gel manicure is one aspect, maintaining the gloss is critical for enhancing your overall beauty quotient. Let us discuss some easy ways to keep your gel polish manicures and look attractive all the time.

Tips to Maintain your Gel Nail Polish Manicure

Tips to Maintain your Gel Nail Polish Manicure

Choose a decent nail length

Generally, gel nails are strong and do not get damaged easily. However, one should take proper care and not allow the nails to grow exceptionally long because the longer your nails, the easier they chip. One should choose the nail length one can maintain. It enables them to proceed with their daily activities without worrying too much about their nails.

Having a light color is advisable

While selecting the LDS nail polish color is an individual choice, it is better to have a light shade on your nails. Besides looking fresh for an extended duration, light colors do not show imperfections like nail chipping or cracking easily. In addition, it does not look odd when your nail keeps growing naturally. The color difference between your natural nails and nail polish does not look glaring.

Moisturize your nails frequently

Regular use of soaps, detergents, and sanitizers can dehydrate your nails and make them prone to chipping. Therefore, one should keep moisturizing the nails and not allow them to dry. The ideal nail moisturizer is cuticle oil. Generally, cuticle oil bottles are available with nail maintenance kits. You can apply cuticle oil gently on the nails and the cuticle area to maintain moisture levels at the optimum.

Use gloves when performing your daily work

While nail manicures are part of your beautification routine, you cannot ignore your domestic responsibilities. You have to wash clothes, utensils, etc., which can damage your nail manicure. The best way to maintain your nails is to use gloves. Besides protecting your nails from damage due to chipping or breakage, they help keep the glossy look on your nails.

Do not peel your nails

Many women have the bad habit of picking on their nails. It is better to avoid this practice as it can damage your nails and cause severe injuries that can take time to heal. If you feel like removing the nail polish, you can contact your nail manicurist and have a regular nail polish removal procedure. Peeling your nails can cause extensive damage.

Use quality products

Your nail manicure is an integral part of your beautification routine. However, using cheap products can prove counterproductive. Therefore, one should insist on using good quality products like healthy gel nail polish. High-quality nail polish ensures that your nails remain beautiful for extended periods.

Maintain a good diet

Moisturizing your nails regularly is a good habit. It helps to keep your nails hydrated. At the same time, one should also maintain a healthy diet involving a lot of fiber and liquids. It keeps your nails healthy by maintaining optimal hydration levels. Besides, your skin starts glowing, adding to your overall beauty quotient.

Have a touchup regularly

While LDS nail polish retains its shine for long periods, the outer gel polish layer can dull because of exposure to the environment. Therefore, it is advisable to have regular touchups. It does not take much time, but it enhances your nail manicure and keeps your nails glowing. A touchup also ensures that your nail does not crack or chip off frequently.

Follow the proper nail polish procedure

It is not a good idea to use shortcuts for your nail manicures. The right way is to follow the proper procedure. It involves prepping your nails well and using UV lamps to cure the gel polish layers. Improper curing can also cause the polish layers to smudge and look ugly.

Give a decent break between two gel manicures

The nail polish removal process involves using acetone. While acetone is the best solution, it has dehydrating qualities. Therefore, your nails can become brittle and snap easily after exposure to acetone for long durations. Hence, it is advisable to rest your nails and allow them to heal naturally before you proceed with your next manicure. A week’s break should be enough for your nails to regain their health.

Final Thoughts

Having a gel manicure is not an issue because it is one of the most straightforward procedures to master. However, maintaining your nails can be challenging. Therefore, we have discussed various steps you can follow to ensure that your gel polish manicures last comfortably for more than three to four weeks.