The Best Nail Products by Kiara Sky That You Must Try

Nail care is a very important aspect of personal grooming. It is often one of the first things people notice about you, and it can make a big impact on your overall appearance. That’s why it’s important to use high-quality nail products that will keep your nails looking their best. Kiara sky has some of the best nail products on the market, and here are just a few of them that you should try.

Best Nail Products by Kiara Sky

Kiara Sky Nail Hardener

If you have weak or brittle nails, then you need to try Kiara sky’s nail hardener. This product is designed to strengthen and protect your nails, so they stay healthy and look good. You can use it to increase the life of your nails so they don’t break every other day.

Kiara Sky Nail Polish Remover

Polish remover is an essential part of every woman’s beauty routine, and Kiara sky makes some of the best ones around. Their polish remover is strong enough to remove even the most stubborn polish, but it’s still gentle enough to be safe for your nails.

Kiara Sky Nail Gel

If you want your nails to look their best, then you need to try Kiara Sky gel nails. This product gives your nails a high-shine finish that lasts for weeks. Plus, it’s non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals. These nail gels also dry quickly, so you can get on with your day without having to worry about smudges or streaks. Continue reading “The Best Nail Products by Kiara Sky That You Must Try”

Ten Easy Ways to Maintain Your Gel Nail Polish Manicure

Everyone loves to have flawless nail manicures. Gel polish allows you the luxury to have a high-quality manicure that can last comfortably for three to four weeks. Besides, gel polish is available in a fantastic range of colors. Finally, you have the best brands like LDS gel nail polish available online. While having an excellent gel manicure is one aspect, maintaining the gloss is critical for enhancing your overall beauty quotient. Let us discuss some easy ways to keep your gel polish manicures and look attractive all the time.

Tips to Maintain your Gel Nail Polish Manicure

Tips to Maintain your Gel Nail Polish Manicure

Choose a decent nail length

Generally, gel nails are strong and do not get damaged easily. However, one should take proper care and not allow the nails to grow exceptionally long because the longer your nails, the easier they chip. One should choose the nail length one can maintain. It enables them to proceed with their daily activities without worrying too much about their nails. Continue reading “Ten Easy Ways to Maintain Your Gel Nail Polish Manicure”

Everything You Need to Know about Acrylic Dipping Powder System

There is no doubt that we all want to follow the latest fashion trends. Fashion is a combo of everything so you’ll need to ponder everything for styling up including outfit, heels, bag, hairstyle, and nail art. Missing a single thing can cause a flaw in the fashion statement. These days, different types of nail gels and powder systems are available in the market.

Everything You Need to Know about Acrylic Dipping Powder System

So, you choose from a variety of options as per your interest and budget. Here, we have unveiled some important facts about Acrylic dipping powder that are important to know. Let’s dive into the details.

Some Important Facts about Acrylic Dipping Powder


The best thing about the acrylic dipping powder system is its longevity. You won’t have to worry about its breakage and you can even get the best use for weeks. If we compare the dipping powder system with other nail art options, we must say that this one is the most durable one. However, it is important to do it professionally to get the best results because it can remain chip-free for at least a month. Continue reading “Everything You Need to Know about Acrylic Dipping Powder System”

The Best Tips for Keeping Your African American Skin Moisturised and Well Hydrated

Every type of skin is supposed to be moisturized well as this is the primary requirement of the cells. Talking specially about African American skin type, this need increases manifolds. This is due to many reasons which you should know in order to avoid any skin problems.

In this regard, we went through a couple of well researched, informational studies and compiled this guide for you. It contains all the information regarding the tips that can be helpful for your skin. Without any further delay, let’s go through them.

Best Tips for Keeping African American Skin Moisturised

Why do African American skin need extra moisture

First and foremost thing to know is the reason behind our emphasis on keeping your skin extra moisturized. African American skin is possessed by people who live in extremely sunny and dry areas. Their exposure to sunlight is much more as compared to people living in other areas. This makes their skin type much more dry and dark. Lack of nourishment makes it prone to development of dark circles and under eye patches. Use of the best lotion for African American skin can be very helpful to people with such a type of skin. It can largely help in restoring the lost hydration and making up the nourishment deficiencies. Continue reading “The Best Tips for Keeping Your African American Skin Moisturised and Well Hydrated”

How to Use OPI Nail Polish?

Today, along with the development of cosmetic brands, gel nail polish is more diverse in composition to meet the needs of customers. But among them, the most typical is still the OPI gel polish color line, but it is not without reason that OPI nail polish is so famous.

How to Use OPI Nail Polish

Nail gel polish can be viewed as a chemical compound. For that reason, you should carefully consider the ingredients in nail polish to avoid adverse effects on health. Remember to stay away from gel nail polishes that contain substances such as: formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. These are three chemicals that are strictly prohibited for use by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA), the Health Protection and Consumer Association of Nails in the US because of its toxic nature.

General introduction about OPI nail polish

Gel polish OPI product line is a cosmetic line used to care and beautify nails, toenails, today’s nail polishes are very popular among women to use and beautify their nails. Liquid gel nail polish products with organic ingredients to create natural colors, used to cover nails / toes to decorate and protect nails from peeling and breaking. Continue reading “How to Use OPI Nail Polish?”

Difference Between Gel Nail Polish and Lacquer Nail Polish

Getting one’s nails done is the latest trend after getting the lips and nose done. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that getting one’s nails done is less harmful than lips, nose, and other cosmetic surgeries. Colorful nails and nail extensions serve as the unexpected accessory. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for the more trendy gel nail polish or go for the traditional lacquer nail polish – colorful, beautifully manicured nails add to the overall look and serve as the ultimate fashion statement.

There is loads of confusion surrounding the difference between gel manicures and regular lacquer nail polish. You might be wondering the same and thinking about the safety aspects of both nail polishes. Another question could be the durability of color gel. No worries, we have it all covered for you. Let us break down all questions and address things in detail.


Difference Between Gel Nail Polish and Lacquer Nail Polish

What is Different – Gel vs. Lacquer?

If we assess the basics of both types of nail colors, we see that typically the lacquer nail polish doesn’t need a UV or LED light to cure and dry your nails. On the other hand, the gel nail polish requires a UV light for the curing of your nails and making your manicure long-lasting and durable.

Continue reading “Difference Between Gel Nail Polish and Lacquer Nail Polish”

Healthier and Long-lasting Nails with OPI Dip Powder Nails

The worst nightmare for every manicure is breaks and chips. Also, most manicure lovers would rather opt for manicures that can be done easily (preferably at home) than that which would have them sit all day with their nails.

OPI powder colors are quality and quick applications for manicures that serve as alternatives to gel polishes.

OPI powders are healthy and free from harsh chemicals. They can last for up to three weeks. OPI dipping powders are available in varieties of stylish colors and shades.

Best OPI Dip Powder Nails for Summer

Some of which include but are not limited to:

Malaga wine – The OPI Malaga wine powder color gives off a shade of alluring wine-red Polish. The Malaga wine color is recommended for lovers of dark manicures.

Bubble bath – The OPI bubble bath powder comes in a light, candy pink hue. The bubble bath color is quite a choice for lovers of nude shades.

Alpine snow – The Alpine snow color is a sharp white nail shade. The OPI Alpine snow color is a go for lovers of bright hues.

Big apple red – The OPI Big Apple red powder comes in a beautiful shade of bright and bold red.

Black onyx – The OPI black Onyx powder is basically all shades of shiny black. The black Onyx color is another go for lovers of dark shades.

Princesses rule – This OPI powder color gives off a glittering shade of baby pink. This shade can be used alone or mixed with other colors. Whichever way it is used, the princesses rule color is beautiful and lasts long.

Strawberry margarita – The strawberry Margarita color is a mixture of bright pink and cream colors. The Strawberry Margarita matches every skin tone and can be best described as a summer shade.

Samoan sand – The Samoan sand color comes in a warm pink shade that also fits any type of skin tone.

Cajun shrimp – The Cajun shrimp color is a mixture of vibrant pink and toned red color. The OPI Cajun shrimp powder color is another go for lovers of bright shades.

Don’t bossa nova me – This classic color is a mixture of pink and grey that gives off a creamy nude color.

You don’t know jacques – This comes in a dark brownish-grey color with a smooth finish.

Sweet heart – The sweet heart color is all shades of soft, pale pink. The Sweet Heart powder color is nude.

Tickle My France-y – This OPI dip powder color comes in a shade of nude bridal color and really does well in tickling one’s fancy.

Lincoln park after dark – This one gives off a purplish shade that is a perfect nightlife description. This color is ideal for lovers of dark manicures.

I’m not really a waitress – This OPI powder color comes in shades of glowing metallic red. I’m not really a waitress is a go for lovers of cool colors.

Taupe-less beach – This OPI powder color is a mixture of lavender and gray shades. Lovers of neutral colors should not miss this one.

Funny bunny – Unlike the Alpine snow, the Funny Bunny powder color comes in soft shimmering white shades. This color is also a hit for lovers of neutral shades.

Aphrodite pink nightie – Composed of a light pink color, the Aphrodite Pink Nightie is smooth, bright, and long-lasting.

Barefoot in barcelona – This nude color is one shade every skin tone can rock. It is smooth and perfect for Autumn.

Berlin there done that – This OPI powder is a smooth and shiny taupe color similar to the You Don’t Know Jacques shades.


In all, OPI powder colors come in warm, cool, dark, nude, and neutral colors that suit individual preferences and skin tone. Each OPI powder color is designed to give the nails a smooth and lovely look and long-lasting wear.

OPI dipping powders are not harmful to the nails. Not only is it resistant to chips and breaks, but it also comes off the nails easily when it is time to do away with it. The OPI dip powder nails can be done at home following the correct applications and processes. All that needs to be gotten is the desired OPI powder and the required manicure tools.

The OPI dip powder nails last longer than acrylic or gel nails and even grab as much attention as gel nails. For anyone who values durable and strong nail looks, OPI nail dip would be a good choice. OPI nails are quite easy to do and leave you open to quite many colors to choose from. So, whether you love plain-looking nails or love a mixture of colors, the OPI powder nails serve you with quality.

LDS Dip Nails – The Ideal Nail Manicure

One of the critical aspects of a woman’s beauty is her nails. Even if you are excellent at preparing your manicure, at home, it is always better to go for the professional touch at a salon. People often ask the difference between a home manicure and a salon job. The primary distinction is in job quality. A salon nail manicure lasts longer than a home DIY job any day. Here are some secrets of a dipping powder nail manicure that you would love to know.

Advantages of Dipping Powder Manicure

Compared to other nail manicures like gel and acrylic polish, the dipping powder job lasts longer. A correctly done salon job can last for four weeks comfortably.

Dipping powder manicures do not require curing under a UV lamp. Hence, it is one of the safest procedures available today.

Another advantage of dip powder nails is that they are available in a range of colors. You can choose your favorite LDS dipping powder color from a magnificent spectrum.

Both gel and dipping powder jobs stay chip-free.

However, here are some precautions to exercise when using dipping powder manicure.

  • Use quality products that come without any contaminants to get LDS dip nails.
  • Follow the correct procedure when going for the dipping manicure.
  • Do not dip your nails directly into the LDS colors as it increases the risk of contracting infections.
  • Hydrate your nails by maintaining a good diet.

Continue reading “LDS Dip Nails – The Ideal Nail Manicure”

Top 6 Best Skin Lotion: What’s Best for Your Body?

Body lotions come in several varieties where you get to choose based on your skin type. Another essential aspect you need to consider while choosing body lotion is the weather condition. The winter season requires more moisture as the skin dries up a lot faster, which irritates, breaks, and tightens the skin. Relieve your skin issues as well as nourish it using the below lotions.

Lubriderm Daily Moisture Hydrating Unscented Body Lotion

Amazon best-selling product B075G3RJDZ

This fragrance-free lotion contains Vitamin B5 that replenishes dry skin moisture by improving the skin’s natural barrier. It is a non-greasy formula enriched with essential moisturizers that make your skin smooth and healthy naturally.

You can apply it to your hands and body to maintain the soft and pleasant feeling on your skin. As it is a fast-absorbing lotion, you feel fresh all day without any sticky feeling.

Australian Gold Moisture Lock Tan Extender Moisturizer Lotion

Amazon best-selling product B000FCR7MM

Improve the life of the spray tan using Australian Gold tan extender lotion that makes your tanned skin to look gorgeous while it lasts. The aloe vera helps in conditioning the skin that, in turn, locks the color. This after the tan lotion has a pleasant signature fragrance that keeps you refreshed all day long.

Also, the Vitamin E present in this moisturizer helps in nourishing the skin. This is the best lotion after spray tan as it helps in retaining the color longer as well as nourishes the skin to a glowing complexion.

Hempz Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon Moisturizing Skin Lotion

Amazon best-selling product B01BPN6KG8

It contains the natural freshness of fruits, healing essential oils, and the nourishing vitamins that breathe in new life into the skin cells. The honey melon, pineapple keep your skin soft and hydrated. Jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, and shea butter add rich moisturization while giving you an even-toned skin along with healing it.

This miracle blend of essential oils restores your soft complexion by rejuvenating the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Finally, vitamins such as Vitamin A, E offer protection from free radicals along with nourishment. Continue reading “Top 6 Best Skin Lotion: What’s Best for Your Body?”

Top 5 Best Face Mask: Skin Care Based on Your Skin Type 2021

Most masks are applied in no more than 20 minutes allowing you to do it quickly and start the day! The good news is there are several types of masks you can use every day to help hydrate your skin. Find the right mask for your skin type from the variety of masks available and enjoy the multitude of benefits they offer!

SNP PREP-Cicaronic Essence Daily Korean Sheet Mask

Amazon best-selling product B084GCLMNR

This daily sheet mask is formulated with a plant called tiger grass that has skin soothing and damage reducing properties that will treat your skin. These properties allows sensitive skin to enjoy all the comforts of a face mask without being irritated. This mask deeply hydrates the skin and locks in the moisture to keep the skin looking young healthy and hydrated. What’s  more is that this face mask helps repair damaged and sensitive skin.

Leaders Clinic Aqua Ringer Skin Mask

Although this mask  is for all skin types, this is the perfect face mask for those that have dehydrated skin  that is dry and cracking as these masks provide the ultimate hydration. It gives the skin a boost of moisture. This moisture filled mask provides an instant relief to the face that will be otherwise dry. This  mask has also proven to be wrinkle free agent, fighting against minor wrinkles. It is made from natural ingredients that are biodegradable! Stay moisturized with this super mask!

Dermal Korean Collagen Essence Full Facial Mask Sheet

Amazon best-selling product B00BAM7F8C

These 16 different  face masks were made with the idea that people have different skin types because of different conditions. This is the best Korean face mask as it is an all in one masks as it manages to be deep moisturizing, calming, cooling and skin stress reliving. It is infused with vitamin E and collagen to keep the skin looking healthy. This mask can be used whilst doing other chores as the eye area is cut out! Continue reading “Top 5 Best Face Mask: Skin Care Based on Your Skin Type 2021”