Skin Creams for the Expectant Mom

Taking care of your skin is an integral part of taking care of yourself. When pregnant, this may require extra effort as your skin may go through several changes like dryness, itchiness, sudden rashes, and so on. Your skin type, hormones, and family history can be a major factor contributing to how your skin looks and feels during these 40 weeks. However, a good skincare routine can help you get that much-coveted pregnancy glow.

Skin Care During Pregnancy

What You Must Consider

Maintaining a regular routine for skincare sounds easy, but it can be exhausting because of all the changes your body is going through. No two pregnancies are alike so choosing a skincare routine that you are most comfortable with is the first to-do for any mom-to-be.

A basic skincare routine can be established by using a good cleanser, some vitamin C, good moisturizers, and above all, good sleep.

Now, depending on your budget, lifestyle choices, and medical status, you can go all-natural and rely on home remedies, or choose from commercially available products to assist you with your skincare.

How to Choose your Creams

Whatever you rub into your skin, it is going to pass down to your placenta through absorption by your bloodstream. Hence the most important factor to consider while choosing products is the safety of your baby. This means

– You should stay away from products with retinoids, salicylic acid, and other such ingredients that are likely to cause birth defects.

– Always double-check the printed list of ingredients on the product before you buy it. Even though most pregnancy products are baby-safe being cautious is a good idea.

– When in doubt, consult. Although the internet is an easy and quick place to fact check, not everything available online can be trusted. Therefore, talk to your OB or dermatologist and get a list of unsafe ingredients if you are not sure of them yourself.

– If you are still unsure, just avoid the particular product and settle for one whose ingredient names you are familiar with.

– Choose hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, organic creams as they are the safest. If you want a little whiff, look for baby-safe mild fragrances.

Why Getting Creams is a Good Idea

Creams have several benefits:

– They help you avoid dryness, unwanted rashes and stretch marks as your body rapidly expands.

– They keep your hands soft and supple so remember to treat your hands to some pregnancy-safe hand cream as well.

– If you are having trouble sleeping, a quick massaging routine with night creams can boost your blood circulation and leave you feeling relaxed. However, most regular night creams are unsafe for your unborn child so ensure you are choosing from the best night cream available for pregnancy.

No matter what you choose, remember, effective skincare need not be expensive or time-consuming. It is easy to keep your skin glowing with one simple ingredient: regularity. Go ahead and pamper your skin in these special 40 weeks!