Youthfulness at the Comfort of Your Home Using Led Light Therapy Mask and Portable RF Device

A decade ago, treating your skin for stubborn blemishes and aging signs required many trips to skincare clinics. But now you can do it at the comfort of your home using LED face masks. NASA developed light therapy 30 years ago. This LED treatment healed skin tissues of astronauts. After seeing the potential, it has for healing the skin; skin specialists started recommending it to their patients. Consequently, this sophisticated skin treatment method that was available to only a particular group of elite people made way to the common man.

best led light therapy mask


You can achieve the professional level of results only if the LED beads are of medical grade. The best led light therapy mask can emit different wavelengths. Each wavelength gives out a particular color for treating a different issue of facial skin. Using these LED masks for a few minutes daily delivers significant results for acne and wrinkles. The design of these LED masks is ergonomic, and hence they fit your face thoroughly.

Three Most Important Light Colors with Their Wavelength and Its Effect

Most light therapy masks feature seven colors or three colors or a single color. But the best are the masks that have the below three colors, which help treat most facial skin issues.

  • Blue light 463nm – Kills bacteria that cause acne and skin tightening
  • Red light 650nm – Production of collagen and improves blood flow
  • Greenlight 525nm – Improves pigmentation and treats wrinkles

Your skin looks full of life when the blood circulation is proper. These lights, when focused on the skin with defined intensity and wavelength stimulates blood flow. Active blood circulation promotes skin metabolism giving you glowing skin. Black spots caused because of melanin fade as you keep using this non-invasive mask. The photodynamic principle guiding this technology is toxic-free and activates the skin cells at a deeper level.

Minimum Features Required

Masks may have many features, but given below are the essential elements required for a decent LED face mask.

  • Setting a timer
  • The variable intensity of light
  • At least three light colors

Transform your skin by rejuvenating it using the best-led light therapy mask to look young. So, this is a fantastic device providing revolutionary results against fine lines and wrinkles. It is a harmless and painless method of treatment as the LEDs do not produce any heat but only light. Masks having varying intensity level of light exposure allow low setting that is helpful for sensitive skin. Regular 10-minute usage shows visible results in about four weeks. In short, these masks treat you to the luxury of a spa-quality treatment and render younger-looking skin without using any chemicals or pills.

Portable Radio Frequency Devices for Sagging Skin

A portable RF device is a facelift device that can tighten your sagging skin at your doorstep. The best portable RF device gives a slimming effect to your face by tightening the skin. It tightens the skin using only the heat produced by RF devices and uses zero-chemicals. In other words, the heat helps the collagen fibers to contract to result in tighter skin. Further healing process stimulated by the body’s natural reaction to the heat allows the production of new collagen. The stimulated elastin and collagen production give you salon-like flawless skin without any side effects.

The best portable RF device uses high frequency to naturally boost the cellular energy helping the skin to promote its overall profile. It also addresses issues related to skin inflammation such as acne by opening the skin pores using heat effect and clean out the dirt. The blood circulation improves, and the anti-aging signs of wrinkles and fine lines diminish, giving you gorgeous skin.

Both the skin treatments discussed in this article help you achieve youthful-looking skin in different aspects.