Healthier and Long-lasting Nails with OPI Dip Powder Nails

The worst nightmare for every manicure is breaks and chips. Also, most manicure lovers would rather opt for manicures that can be done easily (preferably at home) than that which would have them sit all day with their nails.

OPI powder colors are quality and quick applications for manicures that serve as alternatives to gel polishes.

OPI powders are healthy and free from harsh chemicals. They can last for up to three weeks. OPI dipping powders are available in varieties of stylish colors and shades.

Best OPI Dip Powder Nails for Summer

Some of which include but are not limited to:

Malaga wine – The OPI Malaga wine powder color gives off a shade of alluring wine-red Polish. The Malaga wine color is recommended for lovers of dark manicures.

Bubble bath – The OPI bubble bath powder comes in a light, candy pink hue. The bubble bath color is quite a choice for lovers of nude shades.

Alpine snow – The Alpine snow color is a sharp white nail shade. The OPI Alpine snow color is a go for lovers of bright hues.

Big apple red – The OPI Big Apple red powder comes in a beautiful shade of bright and bold red.

Black onyx – The OPI black Onyx powder is basically all shades of shiny black. The black Onyx color is another go for lovers of dark shades.

Princesses rule – This OPI powder color gives off a glittering shade of baby pink. This shade can be used alone or mixed with other colors. Whichever way it is used, the princesses rule color is beautiful and lasts long.

Strawberry margarita – The strawberry Margarita color is a mixture of bright pink and cream colors. The Strawberry Margarita matches every skin tone and can be best described as a summer shade.

Samoan sand – The Samoan sand color comes in a warm pink shade that also fits any type of skin tone.

Cajun shrimp – The Cajun shrimp color is a mixture of vibrant pink and toned red color. The OPI Cajun shrimp powder color is another go for lovers of bright shades.

Don’t bossa nova me – This classic color is a mixture of pink and grey that gives off a creamy nude color.

You don’t know jacques – This comes in a dark brownish-grey color with a smooth finish.

Sweet heart – The sweet heart color is all shades of soft, pale pink. The Sweet Heart powder color is nude.

Tickle My France-y – This OPI dip powder color comes in a shade of nude bridal color and really does well in tickling one’s fancy.

Lincoln park after dark – This one gives off a purplish shade that is a perfect nightlife description. This color is ideal for lovers of dark manicures.

I’m not really a waitress – This OPI powder color comes in shades of glowing metallic red. I’m not really a waitress is a go for lovers of cool colors.

Taupe-less beach – This OPI powder color is a mixture of lavender and gray shades. Lovers of neutral colors should not miss this one.

Funny bunny – Unlike the Alpine snow, the Funny Bunny powder color comes in soft shimmering white shades. This color is also a hit for lovers of neutral shades.

Aphrodite pink nightie – Composed of a light pink color, the Aphrodite Pink Nightie is smooth, bright, and long-lasting.

Barefoot in barcelona – This nude color is one shade every skin tone can rock. It is smooth and perfect for Autumn.

Berlin there done that – This OPI powder is a smooth and shiny taupe color similar to the You Don’t Know Jacques shades.


In all, OPI powder colors come in warm, cool, dark, nude, and neutral colors that suit individual preferences and skin tone. Each OPI powder color is designed to give the nails a smooth and lovely look and long-lasting wear.

OPI dipping powders are not harmful to the nails. Not only is it resistant to chips and breaks, but it also comes off the nails easily when it is time to do away with it. The OPI dip powder nails can be done at home following the correct applications and processes. All that needs to be gotten is the desired OPI powder and the required manicure tools.

The OPI dip powder nails last longer than acrylic or gel nails and even grab as much attention as gel nails. For anyone who values durable and strong nail looks, OPI nail dip would be a good choice. OPI nails are quite easy to do and leave you open to quite many colors to choose from. So, whether you love plain-looking nails or love a mixture of colors, the OPI powder nails serve you with quality.