LDS Dip Nails – The Ideal Nail Manicure

One of the critical aspects of a woman’s beauty is her nails. Even if you are excellent at preparing your manicure, at home, it is always better to go for the professional touch at a salon. People often ask the difference between a home manicure and a salon job. The primary distinction is in job quality. A salon nail manicure lasts longer than a home DIY job any day. Here are some secrets of a dipping powder nail manicure that you would love to know.

Advantages of Dipping Powder Manicure

Compared to other nail manicures like gel and acrylic polish, the dipping powder job lasts longer. A correctly done salon job can last for four weeks comfortably.

Dipping powder manicures do not require curing under a UV lamp. Hence, it is one of the safest procedures available today.

Another advantage of dip powder nails is that they are available in a range of colors. You can choose your favorite LDS dipping powder color from a magnificent spectrum.

Both gel and dipping powder jobs stay chip-free.

However, here are some precautions to exercise when using dipping powder manicure.

  • Use quality products that come without any contaminants to get LDS dip nails.
  • Follow the correct procedure when going for the dipping manicure.
  • Do not dip your nails directly into the LDS colors as it increases the risk of contracting infections.
  • Hydrate your nails by maintaining a good diet.

The Correct Procedure for a dipping powder manicure

Though it is advisable to go to a nail salon for a dip powder manicure, it is better to know the procedure.

Preparing the nails for the job

It is essential to cut your nails into shape and file them appropriately. It helps to smooth off the edges, thereby enabling an excellent manicure. The preparation also allows you to shape your nails according to your choice.

One must ensure that the nails are clean and free of debris before a nail manicure. Thus, you should remove the residual nail polish or any leftover oil remnants on the nail surface. Use a lint-free cloth to remove the debris and ensure that the nail surface is as smooth as possible.

Take care of your cuticles

You cuticles are delicate portions of your fingernail. You should ensure to push them back to have a high-quality nail manicure. It is advisable to use a wooden cuticle pusher as you could injure them otherwise. Some salon technicians apply cellophane tape over the cuticles to prevent the dipping powder from splashing over the cuticles. The tape also allows you to remove any excess powder easily.

Sanitize your nails before you start the actual dipping powder procedure

It is advisable to use a high-quality sanitizer containing alcohol to cleanse your hands and nails. It also prevents the build-up of bacteria in the gap between your nails and the skin. People advise washing your hands with a medicated soap. However, it is not advisable because the polish can chip off when your hands dry out.

Apply the basecoat properly

The basecoat application is the first thing to do after sanitizing your hands. It is better to have a thin coat of resin that comes along with the LDS dip nails. The first coat should always be thin. You should also ensure that the glue does not get on the skin. You should wipe it off immediately as it could cause your dip powder manicure to lift.

The Dipping Procedure

Generally, nail salon technicians dip your nails into the dipping powder bottle. It is not hygienic as you never know who has dipper her hands before you. If she had some nail infection, it could pass on to you, as well. The better option is to sprinkle the powder over the nails. Besides, dipping your nail into the bottle can result in a bulky application. Sprinkling the powder on your nails can also save dipping powder.

The application of the activator gel

Once you have completed the dipping procedure, you should apply a coat of the activator. The activator is equivalent to a UV light but without the ultraviolet rays. It helps to seal the powder to the basecoat and thereby to the nail. Depending on the color intensity you want, you can apply multiple coats.

The Topcoat layer

Finally, you need to bring a glossy shine to your LDS nails. You can achieve the gloss by applying a topcoat to the nails. It also helps to keep your manicure chip-free. One should apply the topcoat in thin layers and allow it to dry. It does not take more than a minute to do so.


Now, you have shiny nails to show off on your Instagram, and Pinterest handles. This dipping powder nails manicure is fit to last for more than three weeks comfortably. The best aspect of using high-quality products like LDS powder color is that you need not go for a top-up job in between. The color is fit to last the entire length of the manicure.