LDS Dip Nails – The Ideal Nail Manicure

One of the critical aspects of a woman’s beauty is her nails. Even if you are excellent at preparing your manicure, at home, it is always better to go for the professional touch at a salon. People often ask the difference between a home manicure and a salon job. The primary distinction is in job quality. A salon nail manicure lasts longer than a home DIY job any day. Here are some secrets of a dipping powder nail manicure that you would love to know.

Advantages of Dipping Powder Manicure

Compared to other nail manicures like gel and acrylic polish, the dipping powder job lasts longer. A correctly done salon job can last for four weeks comfortably.

Dipping powder manicures do not require curing under a UV lamp. Hence, it is one of the safest procedures available today.

Another advantage of dip powder nails is that they are available in a range of colors. You can choose your favorite LDS dipping powder color from a magnificent spectrum.

Both gel and dipping powder jobs stay chip-free.

However, here are some precautions to exercise when using dipping powder manicure.

  • Use quality products that come without any contaminants to get LDS dip nails.
  • Follow the correct procedure when going for the dipping manicure.
  • Do not dip your nails directly into the LDS colors as it increases the risk of contracting infections.
  • Hydrate your nails by maintaining a good diet.

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Top 6 Best Skin Lotion: What’s Best for Your Body?

Body lotions come in several varieties where you get to choose based on your skin type. Another essential aspect you need to consider while choosing body lotion is the weather condition. The winter season requires more moisture as the skin dries up a lot faster, which irritates, breaks, and tightens the skin. Relieve your skin issues as well as nourish it using the below lotions.

Lubriderm Daily Moisture Hydrating Unscented Body Lotion

Amazon best-selling product B075G3RJDZ

This fragrance-free lotion contains Vitamin B5 that replenishes dry skin moisture by improving the skin’s natural barrier. It is a non-greasy formula enriched with essential moisturizers that make your skin smooth and healthy naturally.

You can apply it to your hands and body to maintain the soft and pleasant feeling on your skin. As it is a fast-absorbing lotion, you feel fresh all day without any sticky feeling.

Australian Gold Moisture Lock Tan Extender Moisturizer Lotion

Amazon best-selling product B000FCR7MM

Improve the life of the spray tan using Australian Gold tan extender lotion that makes your tanned skin to look gorgeous while it lasts. The aloe vera helps in conditioning the skin that, in turn, locks the color. This after the tan lotion has a pleasant signature fragrance that keeps you refreshed all day long.

Also, the Vitamin E present in this moisturizer helps in nourishing the skin. This is the best lotion after spray tan as it helps in retaining the color longer as well as nourishes the skin to a glowing complexion.

Hempz Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon Moisturizing Skin Lotion

Amazon best-selling product B01BPN6KG8

It contains the natural freshness of fruits, healing essential oils, and the nourishing vitamins that breathe in new life into the skin cells. The honey melon, pineapple keep your skin soft and hydrated. Jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, and shea butter add rich moisturization while giving you an even-toned skin along with healing it.

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Top 5 Best Face Mask: Skin Care Based on Your Skin Type 2021

Most masks are applied in no more than 20 minutes allowing you to do it quickly and start the day! The good news is there are several types of masks you can use every day to help hydrate your skin. Find the right mask for your skin type from the variety of masks available and enjoy the multitude of benefits they offer!

SNP PREP-Cicaronic Essence Daily Korean Sheet Mask

Amazon best-selling product B084GCLMNR

This daily sheet mask is formulated with a plant called tiger grass that has skin soothing and damage reducing properties that will treat your skin. These properties allows sensitive skin to enjoy all the comforts of a face mask without being irritated. This mask deeply hydrates the skin and locks in the moisture to keep the skin looking young healthy and hydrated. What’s  more is that this face mask helps repair damaged and sensitive skin.

Leaders Clinic Aqua Ringer Skin Mask

Although this mask  is for all skin types, this is the perfect face mask for those that have dehydrated skin  that is dry and cracking as these masks provide the ultimate hydration. It gives the skin a boost of moisture. This moisture filled mask provides an instant relief to the face that will be otherwise dry. This  mask has also proven to be wrinkle free agent, fighting against minor wrinkles. It is made from natural ingredients that are biodegradable! Stay moisturized with this super mask!

Dermal Korean Collagen Essence Full Facial Mask Sheet

Amazon best-selling product B00BAM7F8C

These 16 different  face masks were made with the idea that people have different skin types because of different conditions. This is the best Korean face mask as it is an all in one masks as it manages to be deep moisturizing, calming, cooling and skin stress reliving. It is infused with vitamin E and collagen to keep the skin looking healthy. This mask can be used whilst doing other chores as the eye area is cut out! Continue reading “Top 5 Best Face Mask: Skin Care Based on Your Skin Type 2021”

Top 5 Best Skincare Routine – The Basics Women Should Know

Are you aware of the essential skincare, even if you are not up to makeup? Knowing the best skincare routine – the basics women should know you will be more confident in taking care of your skin. When you know that you are doing it right, you will stop looking for alternatives and be stress-free, which is more important for healthy skin.

One Living Earth Night Cream for Face

Amazon best-selling product B0859P9S5L

The night cream moisturizes your face, and it has age-defying properties that keep you wrinkle-free. Wrinkles that already appeared are renewed, and your skin protected from impurities through thorough cleansing. The proprietary complexes proved clinically that this cream rapidly repairs the skin using SYN-COL and is the top product among non-RX grade products for anti-aging.

Hence it is the best night creams for the 30s because it does not allow wrinkles to appear in the first place if you start using it early.

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Foaming Face Wash

Amazon best-selling product B073QP89KV

It is a versatile and safe facewash that can be used both for cleansing in the early morning and for makeup removal in the evening. As it is suitable for all skin types, you can use it without any doubt. The gentle formula is natural and helps in keeping your skin fresh looking and healthy. You can buy it in any drugstores as it is readily available, and it is also budget-friendly. Continue reading “Top 5 Best Skincare Routine – The Basics Women Should Know”

Youthfulness at the Comfort of Your Home Using Led Light Therapy Mask and Portable RF Device

A decade ago, treating your skin for stubborn blemishes and aging signs required many trips to skincare clinics. But now you can do it at the comfort of your home using LED face masks. NASA developed light therapy 30 years ago. This LED treatment healed skin tissues of astronauts. After seeing the potential, it has for healing the skin; skin specialists started recommending it to their patients. Consequently, this sophisticated skin treatment method that was available to only a particular group of elite people made way to the common man.

best led light therapy mask


You can achieve the professional level of results only if the LED beads are of medical grade. The best led light therapy mask can emit different wavelengths. Each wavelength gives out a particular color for treating a different issue of facial skin. Using these LED masks for a few minutes daily delivers significant results for acne and wrinkles. The design of these LED masks is ergonomic, and hence they fit your face thoroughly.

Three Most Important Light Colors with Their Wavelength and Its Effect

Most light therapy masks feature seven colors or three colors or a single color. But the best are the masks that have the below three colors, which help treat most facial skin issues.

  • Blue light 463nm – Kills bacteria that cause acne and skin tightening
  • Red light 650nm – Production of collagen and improves blood flow
  • Greenlight 525nm – Improves pigmentation and treats wrinkles
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Skin Creams for the Expectant Mom

Taking care of your skin is an integral part of taking care of yourself. When pregnant, this may require extra effort as your skin may go through several changes like dryness, itchiness, sudden rashes, and so on. Your skin type, hormones, and family history can be a major factor contributing to how your skin looks and feels during these 40 weeks. However, a good skincare routine can help you get that much-coveted pregnancy glow.

Skin Care During Pregnancy

What You Must Consider

Maintaining a regular routine for skincare sounds easy, but it can be exhausting because of all the changes your body is going through. No two pregnancies are alike so choosing a skincare routine that you are most comfortable with is the first to-do for any mom-to-be.

A basic skincare routine can be established by using a good cleanser, some vitamin C, good moisturizers, and above all, good sleep.

Now, depending on your budget, lifestyle choices, and medical status, you can go all-natural and rely on home remedies, or choose from commercially available products to assist you with your skincare.

How to Choose your Creams

Whatever you rub into your skin, it is going to pass down to your placenta through absorption by your bloodstream. Hence the most important factor to consider while choosing products is the safety of your baby. This means

– You should stay away from products with retinoids, salicylic acid, and other such ingredients that are likely to cause birth defects.

– Always double-check the printed list of ingredients on the product before you buy it. Even though most pregnancy products are baby-safe being cautious is a good idea.

– When in doubt, consult. Although the internet is an easy and quick place to fact check, not everything available online can be trusted. Therefore, talk to your OB or dermatologist and get a list of unsafe ingredients if you are not sure of them yourself.

– If you are still unsure, just avoid the particular product and settle for one whose ingredient names you are familiar with.

– Choose hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, organic creams as they are the safest. If you want a little whiff, look for baby-safe mild fragrances.

Why Getting Creams is a Good Idea

Creams have several benefits:

– They help you avoid dryness, unwanted rashes and stretch marks as your body rapidly expands.

– They keep your hands soft and supple so remember to treat your hands to some pregnancy-safe hand cream as well.

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Difference Between Powder, Shellac, Gel, and Acrylic Nails

Most of the current manicure products are the advancement of their predecessors. With a few changes, the beauty industry retains a constant flow of new types of nail polishes. Perhaps a detailed review of the similarities in the formulation of different nail manicures that you probably never knew about might open up your eyes. Have you ever wondered what makes Powder, Shellac, Gel, and Acrylic Nails different from each other? Well, when you visit the usual nail supplies store near you or nail supplies online store for a manicure shopping and probably get torn between the types of manicure that you should try, this article will come in handy by clearing all your doubts and giving an insight into the differences between different manicures. Eventually, making a choice will have been made easy, right? So, what is the difference between Powder, Shellac, Gel, and Acrylic Nails?

Powder Nails

The difference between acrylics and dip powder nails is not as huge as it may seem because the manicures use similar ingredients. An acrylic base is featured in both gel and dip powders. However, the slight difference that is noted emanates from a difference in the refinement degree of the particles used in the acrylic formulation. The grains are more refined when used in the manufacture of dip powders leading to bolder, brighter and finer dip powder nail colors. Different dip powder manufacturers then vary other factors in dip powder formulations to produce various dip powders such as DND dipping powder, LDS dip powder colors, and SNS dipping powder.

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6 Essential Tips to Naturally Remove Your Blackheads

Blackheads appear in almost every skin type due to many causes such as hormonal changes, excessive sweating, and production of skin cells, cosmetics as well as health conditions. People usually use face mask for blackheads to reduce the blackheads, which play an essential role in removing all the blackheads. But, here are some of the natural remedies which will help to prevent and cleanse your blackheads naturally without causing any side effects. Feel free to go through it and try them to reduce and remove your blackheads.

blackhead removal


Strawberries help in moisturizing your skin and hydrating it because of the presence of vitamin C or ascorbic acid. Strawberries help in cleaning the pores and reduce the re-occurrence of the blackheads by removing the dead skin and dirt from the pores. You simply have to take 1-2 strawberries, add 1-tablespoon of honey, and ½ tablespoon of lemon juice in it.

You can keep this paste for at least 15-20 minutes on the exaggerated area and then rinse it off. Apply this paste for at least 2-3 times a week to avoid blackheads.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has many benefits for skin, including the prevention of blackheads. This usually helps in removing the dark lesions of the skin. For the application, you just need coconut oil and 2-3 droplets of tea tree oil. Apply it in the affected area with cotton. Repeat this for 3-4 a day for fast results.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has the moisturizing properties as well as the skin tightening properties, which helps in tightening the pores. Skin tightening properties occurs due to the presence of zinc in it. Both these properties help in removing the blackheads. Apply the aloe Vera gel in the prone area and keep it overnight and rinse it off the next morning.

You can use it daily. But if you already have blackheads, then continue this process until it goes away.


Cinnamaldehyde helps in making your skin tight, which ultimately helps in tightening the pores of your skin. Cinnamaldehyde is present in the cinnamon, and the pack is made by adding 1-tablespoon cinnamon powder with 1-tablespoon of lemon juice. This pack will help in reducing all the blackheads; all you have to do is apply it in the affected area and keep it for 20 minutes.

Make sure you do this 2-3 times a week for better and excellent results. Before any application, make a patch test as lemon juice in this paste can cause a stinging sensation.


There are many ways to blackhead removal, but no one matches the effects of turmeric in the skincare remedies. Due to the anti-bacterial properties in the turmeric, curcumin present in the turmeric helps in removing all the materials from the pores and clean them. Make a paste by adding the water in the turmeric powder and apply it in the affected area generously. Wash it thoroughly after it dries.

Apply this paste daily in the affected area, and it will help to prevent the re-occurrence of the blackheads again to your skin.


Tomatoes contain anti-bacterial properties, which are very helpful in cleansing your skin. It helps in cleaning the pores in the skin as well as it prevents the blackheads. To make a pack, you have to take 1-2 tomatoes along with lemon. Mash the tomatoes and add 1-tablespoon of lemon juice in it. After that, apply this pack in the affected area, then leave it for at least 15-10 minutes and then wash your face.

You can apply this pack for 2-times a week for better results. Before applying, take a patch test because lemon juice is allergic to some people.

These tips will help you to remove all the blackheads without any side effects, so try them all and stick to the process until you get the results.